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Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Day 1

First day of blogging. So here we go. The best place to start is as always the beginning.  Why blog? For me the inspiration to blog came from becoming a mom.  Going from a working woman to a stay at home mom has been a huge transition. Part of what has become my daily routine is reading blogs. It keeps me in the loop with what's going on in the outside world as to be 100% honest, there are days (and I mean multiple days in a row) where I don't leave the house. Being a one vehicle family the stroller is my main means of transportation, and living on the coast means our walks are very much dependant on the weather. So blogs keep me up to date. With fashion, decor ideas, DIY projects, and given the informal nature of blogs it feels like catching up with friends.

My mission is to create a space where I can share affordable fashion inspiration, recipes I've tried, DIY projects I've attempted (and sometimes failed at, ok more than sometimes), mom stuff, and in general things I like and have found in the stratosphere of the blog world.  Hopefully you enjoy!

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