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Friday, 20 December 2013

Fabric Garland

I have been seeing a ton of fabric garlands on Pinterest lately. Some are made with fabric and some with ribbon and I knew as soon as I saw them I wanted to put one in Emi's room. At first I had planned on ordering one from Etsy, but then I decided to try to make one myself? Turns out this was one DIY project that was actually easier than I thought it would be! So here's a quick breakdown of how I made mine. There are quite a few other options on Youtube or Pinterest, just type in fabric garland.


Step One - Buy Fabric. I chose 4 different fabrics in coral, hot pink, peach and gold. If I made this again I would try to buy more lightweight or sheer fabrics as they tend to hang nicer. I bought each fabric at Fabricland and asked for 1/4 a meter of each. The total cost? 6$ (love it!) You will also need scissors and string. The length of the string simply depends on the length you want your garland to be.



Step Two - Cut the fabric into about 5 inch strips wide with the length as long as you want. I made mine roughly 20 inches long but you can customize yours however you want. Just remember you will be folding the fabric in half, so the actual length will be half that of the fabric (when holding vertically).



Step Three - Cut and lay out string, longer than you need. Fold one piece of the fabric in half and place over the string. Pick up the two hanging ends and bring behind string and through hole. Pull down gently. It looks best if you do all of the fabric pieces the same way, with the fabric OVER the string. I chose to do the four colors in the same order every time. When your done simply find some white thumbtacks and hang up! Soo easy and I think it really adds texture to the room.  I think its a great way to individualize your little girl's room with something you made specially for her!





Of course, taking pictures in Emi's room, with the great lighting from having the blinds open, turned into an impromptu photo shoot, so here's some pictures of pretty Emi!


 If you have a chance stop by my Pinterest account for more fun DIY projects.

With freedom, books, flowers, and the moon, who could not be happy? - Oscar Wilde
(and with cute little babies!) 


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